Machine Learning is Magic

Perhaps you have heard of the sophisticated, elegant Cloud-to-Butt plugin, which searches through the text on a website for the phrase "The Cloud" and replaces it with "My Butt". This compilation shows some of the most urbane results.

It struck me that if you replaced "Machine Learning Algorithm" with "Magic Spell" in many contexts, the content would feel very similar.

So I put together a Chrome plugin called "Machine Learning is Magic" that you can download here.


And you get fun intro sites like this:

I ended up going a bit overboard and doing a few more replacements: "data" becomes "Raw Magic Material", "probability" becomes "The Fates", etc. I had fun with it.

The code is a bit janky, so pull requests are welcome. And if you think I should make the simpler version that only replaces "machine learning algorithm" with "magic spells", leave a comment. Enjoy!